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Logarithmic trial designs: A useful tool

Logarithmic trial designs: A useful tool for accurate PPP dose-responses from large data sets Background: Image technology and drones can provide high-resolution pictures and assessments of all plots in a trial, a feature that is difficult when standing on the ground conducting visual assessments. Digital imaging is especially useful for assessing products that change crop […]

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Snow Mold Trials on Golf Course

Agrolab’s Team of experts are ready to conduct trials targeting snow mold on golf courses. If you would like to test your product against snow mould, or any other disease on turf, please contact Alex Schwartz at Mob: +45 60246175; Email;

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New bee research unit a reality

Agrolab A/S has established a new bee research unit. Starting in the Spring 2021 season, we will be able to conduct honey, pollen and nectar residue studies in oilseed rape and other flowering field crops in 200 m2 plots. Please do not hesitate to contact Agrolab A/S if you are interested in hearing more about […]

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