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July 7, 2023

Update from Agrolab – Dry weather conditions

Agrolab would like to take the opportunity update you on the drought situation in the EU Northern Zone; i.e. Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries. 

As you are likely aware, we have been facing an extended period of drought in our region. The resulting water shortage has had an impact on crops.

However, our field stations in Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and Denmark have received much needed precipitation during the end of June early July.

We value your partnership and encourage you to reach out to the Study Directors of your trials or Alex, Kenneth or myself with any questions or suggestions you may have regarding the state of your trials or crop conditions in general.


Carl Jensen, CEO

Alex (Email; Mob +45 60246175)

Kenneth (Email Mob +45 27516275)

Carl (Email; Mob +45 21603604)