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September 6, 2022

New regulations for approval of microbial plant protection products

Last week, the European Commission adopted four new regulations concerning the approval of micro-organisms for use as active substances in plant protection products and the authorisation of products containing them.

They are supposed to facilitate the registration of microbial products, so that farmers will have better access to biological plant protection solutions.

The regulations contain information on:

  • specific data requirements for micro-organisms as active substances
  • specific data requirements for plant protection products containing micro-organisms
  • specific uniform principles for evaluation and authorisation of plant protection products containing micro-organisms.

Find the links to the commission documents on this website:

Micro-organisms (

The new rules will be applicable from 21 November 2022, with a transitional period until 21 May 2023 for active substance dossiers and until 21 November 2024 for product dossiers.

If you have any questions on the authorisation of plant protection products in the Northern Zone, contact our Regulatory Affairs Specialists Dorte Højland Castberg,, or Mandy Rauch, For specific project inquiries, contact Director Kenneth Sørensen,

Photo: Agrolab (field trial with a biological insecticide in potatoes in Denmark)