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November 9, 2022

New fertiliser regulation in Denmark

When you want to register a fertiliser into the Danish market, there are currently two ways to do so; either by approval by national specific legislation or follow the EU 2019/1009 regulation for an EU-wide approval. With the introduction of EU 2019/1009, which took force in July 2022, the Danish Agricultural Agency introduced new legislation on the national requirements for fertilisers.

The main difference from the former legislation is the introduction of the biostimulant classification as introduced by EU 2019/1009. Previously, a biostimulant product on the Danish market had to be classified by the already defined classifications. The new classification set specific requirements to labelling and expected effects on target plants.

The new legislation is available at the Danish Agricultural Agency homepage [in Danish]:

The Regulatory Consulting Department at Agrolab has dedicated Registration Specialists with expertise with fertiliser registration in the Northern Regulatory Zone.

If you have questions on the requirements for biostimulant registration in Denmark and how these changes affects your product, contact Dorte Højland Castberg, For specific project inquiries please contact director Kenneth Sørensen,, mobile +45 27 51 63 75.

Photo: screenshot of the regulation