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July 11, 2022

Impressions from the Field Department: Seed Multiplication in Lithuania

In spring 2022, UAB Agrolab Baltic has launched a new project – Seed Multiplication. The aim of the project is to multiply and purify infected seeds of various spring crops. Having a wide range of seeds infected with diverse fungal diseases will ensure the success of the following year’s seed treatment trials for our clients.

Seed Multiplication project has involved the most experienced specialist of Agrolab who have assessed fungal diseases in many different varieties of spring crops throughout the season. They have identified plots with the highest severity and incidence of various fungal diseases like M.Nivale (MONGNI), F.Culmorum (FUSACU), F.Graminearum (GIBBZE), P.Chaetomioides (PYRNAV), P.Teres (PYRNTE), P.tritici-repentis (PYRNTR), T.Caries (TILLCA), U.Segetum var. nuda (USTINH), and selected them for harvest. Moreover, Agrolab has performed several F.Graminearum and F.Culmorum trials in spring barley, wheat and oat fields with an artificial inoculation, which will expand our bank of infected seeds even more, allowing Agrolab to offer a wider range of crop/diseases target combinations for future seed treatment trials.

Primary results of Seed Multiplication project are proving to be a success in spring crops, therefore Agrolab is going to expand this project to winter crops in upcoming season. Thus, allowing our clients to have all their requested trials at one company ensuring high quality of trial data together with support from Regulatory Consulting.