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February 3, 2023

Cyazofamid banned in Denmark

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has banned the active ingredient cyazofamid and the registrations of all products containing it have been withdrawn effective January 30, 2023. Products concerned are:

  • Ranman Top
  • Azuleo

In Denmark, cyazofamid is commonly used as an active ingredient in potato fungicide products against potato early and late blight.

The background for this withdrawal is a high number of findings of the substances DMS and DMSA under one of the test fields in the Danish Pesticide Leaching Assessment Programme (PLAP), that exceeded the threshold of 0.1 µg/L. The PLAP-report links those substances to the application of a cyazofamid-containing product on the test field. They had not been identified as groundwater metabolites in the EU-review of cyazofamid.

As a result of the ban, sale of affected products will be illegal from March 1st 2023 and possession and use of the products will be illegal from May 1st 2023.

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