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September 28, 2023

Biostimulant approval on hold by EU comission due to possible pesticide effects

Agrolab has been informed about a temporary pause in the registration of certain biostimulants due to potential pesticide effects. This development has led to a comprehensive review of these biostimulants by the European Union (EU) Commission. 

According to Agrolab’s sources, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Miljøstyrelsen, has initiated this inquiry with the EU commission, prompting a temporary pause of the authorisation in Denmark, and possibly other EU countries, for three types of seaweed extracts commonly found in biostimulants.  

The matter concerns seaweed extracts based on the following three species: 

  • Ascophyllum nodosum 
  • Laminaria digitata 
  • Macrocystis integrifolia 

While the exact timeline remains uncertain, Agrolab anticipates receiving a conclusive update by fall/winter 2023 regarding the status of these extracts. 

“We are actively monitoring this situation and will keep our stakeholders informed of any significant developments”, states Jakob Knudsen, Regulatory Affairs Specialist at Agrolab. 

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If you have any further inquiries regarding this situation or about biostimulant registration in general, please contact Sandra Schmidt Jørgensen, Operational Manager Head of Regulatory Consulting, at +45 2751 6275 or