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January 28, 2022

Agrolab introduces new team of managers

Agrolab has from January 2022 strengthened its management by promoting Betina Valentin Lindemann and Sandra Schmidt Jørgensen as operational managers. The team will support Chief Executive Officer, Kenneth J. Sørensen, and Director, Carl Hedegaard Jensen by implementing the company’s strategic objectives and manage the operations in Agrolab’s Regulatory Consulting department and across the company’s 5 field trial stations in Denmark, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania.

Betina Valentin Lindemann Operational Manager

Sandra Schmidt Jørgensen Operational Manager

Betina has worked with Agrolab for 9 years and has extensive experience with GEP field trials and has been managing Agrolab’s south Swedish field trial station since 2016.

Sandra has 6 years’ experience working with Agrolab as GEP field trial study director and with regulatory affairs for agrochemical products in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. Sandra has been managing Agrolab’s Regulatory Consulting department since 2020.

Together Sandra and Betina will provide a strong management foundation to strengthen Agrolabs cohesion and give organization wide focus on collectively achieving the company’s goals and ambitions to provide high quality field trials and expert regulatory support for our clients industrial and biologically derived agrochemical products.

“With this strong addition to the Agrolab management team we can increase focus on our customers’ needs and further expand on our core values of being customer orientated and delivering high quality data on time. I consider this development an important step towards realizing our strategic goal of expanding our Regulatory Consulting services to provide our clients with the best in depth knowledge and support for product registrations in the Northern Zone. It also shows our ability and focus on developing our employees to be able to attract and retain employees in the future.”

Kenneth J. Sørensen

CEO and co-owner Agrolab A/S

Nørre Aaby, 25th of January 2022


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