Field Research

Certified Field Teams

Agrolab’s GEP and GLP certified Field Teams conduct and monitor trials on classical and biological plant protection products, fertilizers, biostimulants, biopesticides and biocides.

5 locations in the EU North Zone

Our Field Teams operate from 5 locations in agricultural regions of Denmark, Sweden (2), Latvia and Lithuania. We offer full service GEP trials in all major and minor crops in the EU North Zone, covering both the Maritime and North-East EPPO climatic zone.

Our GLP department also offers a wide range of GLP studies covering Residues, E-fate and Ecotox. Agrolab is the ideal choice to conduct Field Studies in either one or all North Zone countries.

Our services
  1. GEP

    Agrolab Field Teams conduct GEP trials on our 5 trial stations in Denmark, Sweden (2), Latvia and Lithuania.

    We are the largest CRO for efficacy trials according to GEP in EU North Zone and will be happy to assist with program planning to ensure that all zonal requirements are realized. Our extensive experience with both conventional and biological pesticides will expedite rapid access to market.

    Consultancy North Zone Trial Programs

    • Number of trials needed – Relevance of crops/targets/use
    • Trial distribution and placement
    • Full Biologial assemnent service. Agrolab offers BADs (Biological Assessment Dossiers) according to the North Zone Efficacy Guidelines.

    Study monitoring

    We provide GEP trials in Major and Minor Field Crops, Vegetables, Orchards, Ornamentals, Home & Garden and Greenhouse.

    Please contact the Sales Team for more information regarding:

    • Study plan compliance at all locations according to GEP
    • In-house trials in DK, SE, LV and LT
    • Well- established cooperation in FI, EE and NO
    • Trial documentation and reporting in ARM
    • 1 signed PDF report per trial
    • Full compilation of your GEP trial program, in BAD format according to North Zone efficacy Guidance

  2. GLP – Residue

    Agrolab has a wide experience in conducting different types of studies according to GLP. These services include but not limited to the following:

    • Crop residue
    • Soil residue
    • Honey residue
    • Dust drift
    • Dislodgable foliar residue

    Please contact the Sales Team for more information

  3. GLP – Ecotox

    Agrolab has a dedicated GLP team of  specialists with many years experience conducting different types of studies according to GLP.

    These services include but not limited to the following:

    • Earthworm: acute and chronic tox tests
    • Organic matter breakdown
    • Studies of soil organisms such as Collembola
    • Non-target terrestrial plant studies
    • Bee brood study
    • Several types of wildlife studies for higher tier approaches

    Please contact the Sales Team for more information.

  4. Biologicals

    There is a clear trend towards biological solutions for plant growth and pest control. However, it is important to note that the product’s function determines the regulatory process followed, not the origin or components of the product. Therefore, biological PPPs fall under 1107/2009 (with some modifications), and biological fertilizers and biostimulants will fall under 2019/1009.

    At Agrolab, we have several Field and Regulatory Specialists with increased focus on biological products. We can provide expert advice on testing and registering your Biological products at both the EU and North Zone levels.

  5. Variety testing

    Agrolab has the knowledge and equipment for variety testing in cereals, legumes, oilseed rape and maize. Additionally, we offer post-harvest analysis in our Seed and Germination lab.

    Please contact the Sales Team for more information.

  6. Demo & Marketing

    Agrolab is very flexible in meeting client requests and can carry out almost any trial related to agriculture, forestry and greenhouses; including population sampling, fertilizer testing, specific purpose marketing trials, logarithmic demonstration trials or in depth dose response analyses with logarithmic application and dose response curve fitting. We also offer tank mix testing for compatibility and spray-ability of formulated products.

    Please contact the Sales Team for more information

  7. Greenhouse

    Agrolab owns 2 semi-permanent tunnels with automated irrigation.  Additionally, we have access to permanent greenhouse facilities and can conduct GEP, GLP or for R&D trials.

    Please contact the Sales Team for more information.

  8. Weed resistance testing

    Agrolab can conduct resistance tests on specific weeds in controlled environments.

    Grass weeds are especially common in the North Zone Countries where Agrolab operates. This is also the case following maintenance applications. Therefore, Agrolab can assist in determining the resistance profile of your company’s herbicide products.

    Find further information here.

    The order form for sending samples to Agrolab can be downloaded here.

    Please contact the Sales Team for further information.

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