CSR policy

Sustainable farming and food production in the Nordic and Baltic countries

CSR background

Agrolab’s core business is regulatory consultancy, field trial testing and research and development to provide high quality regulatory support and test of industrial and biologically derived chemicals for environmentally safe and efficient agronomical use.

Agrolab is an integral partner in the EU Northern Zone to ensure environmentally safe and sustainable pesticide management in food production for the benefit of the environment, the farmers and the consumers. Agrolab is highly focusing on proactive regulatory compliance, and a core goal is to supply the highest quality in the testing of products as possible.

In a world where the human population is rapidly increasing and the available arable area per person is steadily decreasing due to this increase in the human population and the drop in soil fertility and changing climate it is more important than ever to ensure a sustainable increase in food production to govern the environment and its biodiversity.

Essentially, it means that the agricultural productivity must be increased on the available arable land without taking more natural land into agronomical production and without harming the already constrained natural habitats.

CSR policy and UN sustainable development goals.

Agrolabs ambitious goal is to promote and increase sustainable farming and food production in the Nordic and Baltic countries, to ensure that the region can support an increased demand for food production in a safe and environmentally sustainable way. Nordic and Baltic farmers are frontrunners in sustainable food production and an increased local, sustainable food production that reduces the need to import food with high environmental impact and thus reduces CO2 emission and environmental impact.

In Agrolabs work with the CSR objective of promoting a sustainable increase in food production 3 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals have been selected as a central part: Zero Hunger, Life on Land and Decent Work and Economic Growth.

To increase productivity and thereby reach the goal of zero hunger, Agrolab operates in this important interface between sustainable increases of agricultural productivity and building resilient food systems by providing expert regulatory consulting an optimized field testing in order to provide the safest possible plant protection products for food production.

Agrolab provides a testing system and environmental risk assessment for registering agricultural chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers, and organic services to companies and institutions). Agrolab ensures that agricultural chemicals contribute to increased demand for food production in a safe and environmentally sustainable way to promote a cleaner environment and give a better life on land.

Agrolabs Research and Development department is dedicated to sustainable economic growth by developing applied technology and innovation to increase efficiency and reduce costs and consumption of resources. Agrolab management is dedicated to optimizing resource allocation, productivity, employee retention, and other regulations that improve efficiency without compromising the quality of our services or risks associated with resource consumption to ensure decent work and economic growth.