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January 16, 2024

Press Release: Agrolab kicks off 2024 with strategic management changes

Press release: Agrolab kicks off 2024 with strategic management changes

Agrolab A/S is excited to announce that we are kicking off 2024 with a reorganization of our management and implementing new roles to support our future endeavors.

In response to the evolving demands of the industry, Agrolab is presenting some changes to its leadership team. The goal is to ensure focused attention on important areas and align the company with its new strategic direction.

From today’s date, Sandra Jørgensen, Kenneth Sørensen, Carl Jensen and Betina Lindemann will take on new roles.

Our former Director, Kenneth Sørensen, will take on the role of CEO going forward. As part of this initiative, Carl, previously managing multiple responsibilities as CEO, will now devote his full attention to sales and finances as head of this department. This shift is expected to enhance the company’s financial strategies and streamline its sales efforts.

Taking on the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kenneth will now serve as the front figure of Agrolab, leading the business into its next phase of growth.

“I am looking forward to continuing the good cooperation with the management team in Agrolab. With this new reorganization of management, we have laid the foundation to pursue the company goals of providing services, consultancy and creating new partnerships in a rapidly changing European plant protection industry,” says Kenneth Sørensen.

Sandra Schmidt Jørgensen, Head of Regulatory Consulting and former Operational Manager will take on Kenneth’s former role as Director of Agrolab. She will remain Head of Regulatory Consulting simultaneously with her new Director role.

I am very grateful that the board and top management have confidence in me and my abilities and believe that I can further develop Agrolab. Therefore, it is my mission to increase Agrolab’s market share and market value by developing our services, developing our employees, and developing our leadership“, says Sandra Jørgensen.

Sandra will concentrate on development efforts for both the company and its services. Sandra’s focus extends beyond traditional development; she is dedicated to fostering an engaged and motivated workforce ensuring the company is poised for a future of sustained success and growth under this evolved leadership structure.

Betina Valentin Lindemann will take on a new role within Agrolab as Head of Operations. With this new role, she will be in charge of optimizing the operation and productivity of our core business, our field trials. She will be leading the development of our managers and employees.

These role changes align seamlessly with Agrolab’s new strategy, acknowledging the industry’s constant change, sustainability demands, and evolving employee expectations. This move underlines Agrolab’s commitment to continuous improvement, adapting to industry changes, and fearlessly making decisions to reach our highest potential.

Strategic management changes: Kenneth Sørensen is the new CEO of Agrolab
Kenneth Sørensen
Sandra Jørgensen is the new Director of Agrolab
Sandra Jørgensen
Carl Jensen is the new Head of Sales & Finances of Agrolab
Carl Jensen
Head of Sales & Finances
Strategic management changes: Betina Lindemann is the new Head of Operations of Agrolab
Betina Lindemann
Head of Operations

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