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July 13, 2023

On-site consultancy: support when you need it.

These past weeks, our Regulatory Affairs Specialist Mandy has been out and about visiting field trials in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

This is in the scope of an on-site consultancy agreement with our regular client Corteva, where she is covering a part of the work of a technical specialist during his parental leave.

Her tasks include the organization of marketing field trials, analysis of the results and help with product positioning.

Agrolab can provide specialists in regulatory affairs and field trial management for on-site consultancy work.

It can be a challenge to add an experienced regulatory affairs specialist or manager to your team when the need arises. With our on-site consultancy solution, you can keep your projects on track in that transition period with help from our Regulatory Affairs Specialists. Need a parental leave cover or to handle an intense peak in workload? We can step in on short notice and give support.

Our support covers, but is not limited to, project management, regulatory administration and portfolio management. Our service is an extra resource you can add on a controllable budget.

With more than 30 years of experience in the Northern Zone with field trials and crop protection regulatory support we have a strong technical base.

If you are interested in learning how one of Agrolab’s consultants can meet your needs, contact Director Kenneth Sørensen,  

Photos: Mandy Rauch