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May 5, 2022

Meet Agrolab A/S: NORBARAG meeting

On March 23-25th participants from research facilities, the agrochemical industry and CROs gathered online for the 13th NORBARAG meeting to exchange information on pesticide resistance and efficacy evaluation of pesticides in the Nordic-Baltic region. The meeting was a great success with informative updates on the resistance situation, upcoming monitoring efforts and great discussions in all three (insecticide, herbicide and fungicide) sub-groups. Agrolab was represented by members of our GEP and Regulatory teams in the herbicide and fungicide discussions, as well as in the insecticide sub-group, where a member of regulatory consulting department at Agrolab is the chair. After 2 years of an online event, the meeting in 2023 is expected to take place in March in Copenhagen, Denmark. More information on this year’s event or upcoming events can be found on the NORBARAG homepage ( or by contacting the sub-chair of insecticides Dorte Castberg at

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