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May 5, 2022

News from the Regulatory Department: Fertiliser regulation

When you want to register a fertiliser into the EU market, there are currently two ways to do so; either by approval on each member state market following member state specific legislation, or follow the EU 2003/2003 regulation for an EU-wide approval.

Currently, the fertilizer product regulation from EU covers only mineral fertilisers but does not cover a large group of different products with fertilising effects such as organic fertilisers, liming materials, growth media and biostimulants. This will change when a new EU fertiliser regulation comes into force on July 16th 2022 (EU 2019/1009).

EU 2019/1009 will cover a more diverse group of fertilising products and sets out the requirements to each product based on the Product Function Category and Component Material Category. A major difference from the current regulation is the introduction of a conformity assessment body which can perform specific conformity assessment procedures as set out in the Regulation. Currently 3 conformity assessment body facilities exist in the EU all based in the Central Zone of EU. The more detailed specific of the guidance documents, updates on the regulation and more can be obtained by becoming a member of the Commission Expert Group on Fertilising Products through the EU homepage. Note though that it will still be possible to have a product approved in in accordance with national legislation of individual member states after July 16th. The Regulatory Consulting Department at Agrolab is here to help you with any questions or directly regulatory help to ensure the best regulatory path to get your fertilising product on the market. Do not hesitate to contact Alex Schwartz at for more information on how we can ensure a successful approval.