Up until Dec 31, 2020, no risk distinction was made between closed and open greenhouses (GH) for Plant Protection Product (PPP) approval in Denmark (a closed greenhouse is defined by a fixed, enclosed space for crop production, which can be entered and which is provided with walls and roofs, and allows for controlled exchange of materials and energy with the surroundings but prevents the release of plant protection products into the environment). However as of Jan 1, 2021, companies can no longer sell their products for use in open greenhouses unless specifically stated in the authorization. As open GHs are in direct contact with the soil, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency has prepared an exposure scenario for the impact on the environment and groundwater. All the new information regarding waste and wastewater from greenhouse horticulture is contained in a new guidance document from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (‘Miljøstyrelsen’).


If you require assistance with this guidance document, or any other regarding the registration of a PPP in greenhouses, Agrolab’s Regulatory Experts are ready to help. For an informal discussion, please contact either Sandra S. Jørgensen (Head of Regulatory) at sns@agrolab.dk or Alex Schwartz (Sales Manager) at als@agrolab.dk