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Agrolab can perform trials in greenhouse/tunnels, climate chamber and laboratories. GEP trials can be performed at 5 trial stations located in Denmark, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania, covering both the Maritime and North-East EPPO climatic zone.

Our expertise

Good Experimental Practice (GEP)

Agrolab conduct GEP field trials to support the registration of plant protection products, including biopesticides. We are specialized in the EU North zone, and hold GEP accreditation in Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden, with good relations to national regulatory support and advisory services. Agrolab has high expertise in field trials for crop safety, minimum effective dose, adverse effects and impacts on adjacent and successive crops and non-target organisms. All GEP studies are conducted in accordance with EPPO guidelines and we take full responsibility for the study plan, study design and reporting, and all projects are handled with confidentiality. We have extensive experience in using the standard version and customized versions of the Agricultural Research Management (ARM) software, but also use other computer programs upon client’s request.

Seed and germination

Agrolab offers yield quality analysis using NIT technology and collect data on several parameters; i.e. protein, starch etc. We also offers germination testing of seeds in climatic chambers with full climatic control, in accordance with ISTA and EPPO guidelines.


Agrolab has the knowledge and equipment for variety testing in cereals, legumes, oilseed rape and maize. We can sow or place trials on fields which we have full control over, and offer post-harvest analysis in our Seed and Germination lab.


Agrolab is very flexible to clients requests and can carry out almost any trial related agriculture, forestry and greenhouses; including population sampling, fertilizer testing, logarithmic demonstration trials or in depth dose response analyses with logarithmic application and dose response curve fitting. We also offer tank mix testing for compatibility and spray-ability of formulated products, and farmer surveys for product usability.

Chemical storage

Agrolab offer service for store and dispatch of products to field trials within the EU North zone. We offer advice on local standards and can upon request purchase products.

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